Trust Fund Monthly 50/50

A close up of the blue Group Health Centre sign in front of their building.

The Final Draw of 2023 took place on October 31st!

Trust Fund Wheel Icon to the left of the text, Trust fund 50/50

Monthly Winners


Grand Prize: Monty Pinder

Ticket no. 99003872001

Jackpot $5,860.00


Early Bird: Michael Madigan

Ticket no. 99003828041


Grand Prize: Dale Young

Ticket no. 99004329035

Jackpot $4,055.00


Early Bird: Marielle Bourgault

Ticket no. 99004264184


Grand Prize: Peter Apostle

Ticket no.  99004722036

Jackpot: $3,390


Early Bird: Lesly Dickinson

Ticket no. 99004608020


Grand Prize: Rosemarie Edgar

Ticket no. 99005599387

Jackpot: $10,467.50


Early Bird: Ronald Bedford

Ticket no. 99005194302


Grand Prize: Donald Van Daele

Ticket no. 99005696003

Jackpot: $10,132.50


Early Bird: Ronald Bedford Ticket no.  99005807207


Early Bird: Tom Davies 

Ticket no. 99006410462

Jackpot: $4,965

Grand Prize: Claire Lafreniere

Ticket no. 99006584001


Grand Prize: Mario Adamo

Ticket no.  99006930066

Jackpot: $4,977.50


Early Bird: Stan Gordon 

Ticket no. 99007044062