About Us

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Who We Are

Group Health Centre Trust Fund was established in June 1979 as a way to raise support for Group Health Centre. The Trust Fund focuses on generating funds for the Centre’s medical equipment and health programs through fundraising activities and events.

Why Do We Need to Raise Money?

Proceeds raised through the Trust Fund’s activities supplement government funding for medical equipment and special programs. This allows Group Health Centre to offer medical tests, procedures and services in league with bigger centres and hospitals. Without funding for this equipment, patients would have longer wait times for some services or may be required to travel out of the Algoma region – often at great personal cost.

Your support guarantees that medical care stays in our region and enhances outstanding medical care that benefits everyone in our community.

Charitable Registration: 119236222RR0001

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Our Team

Tricia Lesnick

Trust Fund Manager

Amelia Stuetz

Trust Fund Coordinator

Elias Provenzano

Trust Fund Intern