Diagnostic Imaging at GHC

Performing more than 40,000 images each year, the Diagnostic Imaging Department is dedicated to bettering the lives of the people of our community and is an essential part of medical care for the diagnosing and treatment of many diseases.

Top Quality
X-Ray Imaging

When we think of x-rays, we often think of images of broken bones. However, they do much more than that: they also detect serious health issues like arthritis, lung infections, blocked blood vessels, and cancers. The new x-ray equipment we are purchasing has the technology to produce enhanced images for the radiologist to review and increases patient safety by reducing patient radiation exposure.


Increased Access to
Diagnostic Cardiology

A vital element of the Diagnostic Imaging Department is diagnostic cardiology, which includes echocardiograms. An echocardiogram will capture your heart structure and function, allowing doctors to see any abnormalities in the rhythm, defects, and disease. The purchase of a new echocardiogram machine will increase our capacity and enable us to see more patients and reduce the wait times for appointments.


Images and Networking

The core function of a Diagnostic Imaging System is to produce images and allow for access to those images. The new system we have chosen to purchase will allow us to have equipment with state of the art capabilities in storage, and viewing. We will also now be able to share images with health care professionals across the entire North East region.

What services does Diagnostic Imaging provide?