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Group Health Centre Trust Fund was established in June 1979 as a way to raise support for Group Health Centre. The Trust Fund focuses on generating funds for the Centre’s medical equipment, health information programs and other special projects.

What does, “supporting a lifetime of care,” mean?

While many healthcare organizations are there for you at a point in time – when you break a bone, or get a diagnosis, or need a treatment – Group Health Centre, for many people in Sault Ste. Marie, is a constant presence. It’s not just the building where your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner works – it’s an entire system of medical professionals who are there to support your ongoing care. From your first appointments with baby for vaccinations and growth charts, to specialized programs to assess seniors… GHC is there from cradle to cane.

While many of the things GHC does to care for patients aren’t unique, having all of them within the same system is. You won’t find another place in the province where you can access the breadth of services offered to our community – and the only reason we’re able to do it is thanks to the support of donors like you.


Why Do We Need to Raise Money?

It is a little-known fact that the government does not provide funding for medical equipment and many of the special programs we offer. The proceeds from many of our endeavours go toward the purchase of state-of-the-art medical equipment, allowing Group Health Centre to offer medical tests, procedures and services in league with bigger centres and hospitals. Without funding for this equipment, patients would have longer wait times for some services and may need to travel out of town for others – often at great personal cost. Donations also help Group Health Centre provide unique programs and services to the Algoma district, such as the Algoma Diabetes Education and Care program, the Cardiac Rehab Program and Phototherapy services. 

Although we may not require these services for ourselves today, our family, friends and neighbours may. Your support guarantees that these dollars stay in our city and enhance medical care to benefit everyone in our community. 



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